Did you know that March 3rd is a day dedicated to the idea of pets having thumbs? Sure, it’s a silly thing to think about…but it got us wondering, what IF pets had thumbs?! While it may be impawsible for our furry friends, below are some funny things that might happen if pets did indeed have thumbs!

“Are you gonna eat that?”

Can you imagine if your four-legged friend had thumbs and access to your kitchen?! Treats galore, that’s for sure! Forget about their own food, they’ll go after the good stuff…unlimited access to people food! Of course, they’d know enough to stay away from all the potentially toxic snacks!

“Who let the dogs out?!”

Looks like they’ve let themselves out! If pets had thumbs, they could go in and out as they please. Perhaps they’d run around the local dog park while your cats hang out with other felines in the neighborhood.

“Mom, it’s me. We need more treats and, oh, Fluffy knocked over the TV.”

Welcome to a world where your pet can text! Can you imagine the amount of silly texts you’d receive from your furry friends if they had thumbs!? Have you ever wondered what your pets are up to when your not around? In this world, they’d be able to update you regularly!

“Hello? I’d like to book a shampoodle and pawdicure, please.”

Of course, we’d like to think that if your pets had thumbs they’d also be calling the team here at Puff & Fluff for all of their grooming needs! “Yes, I’d like a pawsome haircut… and maybe a new color too!” Thumbs or no thumbs, we love to meet your furry friends!

What do you think your pets would do if they had thumbs? Would they get into more trouble or do you think they’d be helpful? Let us know in the comments below!