Scroll down to view our pricing and information on dog and cat grooming, and bath and brushes! Each location does their own scheduling.
Please contact the location you wish to schedule at.

Dog Grooming

Grooming Service Includes: Bath with Hypo Shampoo and Blueberry Facial, massage, blow dry, nails, glands, ear cleaning and plucking, paw pads shaved, sanitary trim, and a full haircut.

Dog Brush and Bath

Brush and Bath Includes: Bath with hypo shampoo and a blueberry facial, a massage, blow dry, nails, glands, and ear cleaning

Bath: $45-55

Brush Out: $20

Full Groom: $75-90

Nail Trim: $12

Cat Caps $10 (Owner Provided)


Disclaimer: Pricing is determined on the individual pet and is based on the size of the pet, behavior, & condition of the coat. If your breed is not on the list, please ask us for pricing.
Please take note of the following:
  • If your pet has sensitivities, we will need to use a hypo face wash instead. If you have any concerns or questions, please give us a call to discuss them at check in.
  • The skin of a cat is very fragile and thin, not attached to the muscle like a dog. In this case, while grooming a cat, a nick or cut can happen very easily. If this occurs we will take proper care of the nick or cut and will seek veterinary care if needed. The owner will be informed if this happens.


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