Are you looking to be more active in 2019? You may be thinking of renewing that gym membership, both hold on– wouldn’t it be more fun to exercise with your pet?! We think so too! Did you know January is Walk Your Pet Month? In fact, both cats and dogs need to stay active to stay healthy. In a 2017 survey, it was reported that 56% of dogs and 60% of cats were classified as clinically overweight. We don’t want our furry friends turning into couch potatoes! Don’t let your pet become another statistic.

There are plenty of fun ways for you to exercise with your pet; not only is it good for you, but it will strengthen the bond you have with your four-legged friend. For example, have you heard about doga? That’s right! It’s yoga for you and your dog! This fun new workout  can create a great balance and harmony between you and your dog. Don’t worry– your pup doesn’t have to be a master yogi! You’ll learn simple moves and poses that your dogs can do too.

Of course, another way to keep yourself and your dog active is by running, jogging, hiking, or biking. It’s important to make sure your dog is fit enough for the level of activity you plan on doing– and be sure to bring plenty of water! Be mindful of the terrain as well as the time of year in which you partake in these activities. If you’d rather stay closer to home, you can always play fetch! While your pup is running for the ball, you can jog in place, do a few yoga moves, or even jump rope!

Just like canines, our feline friends need exercise as well! While some cats have actually been trained to walk on leashes, others are more indoorsy. Cat towers can be a wise investment to get your cat up and moving. Lasers are also a fun way to keep your kitty on his or her toes– or paws! You can also get creative when it comes to incorporating your own personal workout with that of your cat. For example, you can hold a laser while you do crunches or you can attach your cat’s favorite toy to your weights– as you lift them, your cat will be jumping to grab them!

Of course, safety is the most important thing– don’t partake in any activity that you don’t think your pet is up to. Be sure to also check out our blog post on How to Keep Your Pet Active During the Winter Months! What do you do to keep active with your pets? Let us know in the comments below!