January 2nd marks National Pet Travel Safety Day! Whether you’re traveling by train, plane, or bus, pets are becoming increasingly more common on public transportation. However, just because you can bring Fido with you on your next trip, doesn’t mean he’s going to enjoy the ride. Traveling can be quite stressful for not only us humans but for our pets as well! The below tips can ease any worries you may have about traveling with your pet.

Comfort is Key!

Do you pack a neck pillow when you travel? Some other item to keep comfortable? Well, our furry friends are much like us! No matter your method of travel, it’s crucial to make sure your pet is comfortable for the journey. From his or her favorite cat toy to your dog’s coziest bed or blanket, our pets are creatures of comfort. Bring something along that will remind your pet of being home. If traveling by car, make sure your pet’s carrier or bed is strapped in with a seatbelt. Comfort doesn’t need to be a trade-off for keeping your pet safe!

Keep Calm and Carry-On!

Is your pet an anxious traveler? Does your dog or cat not like being confined to small spaces? Whether you’re flying or taking a road trip, a CBD treats have proven to be quite helpful for our pets! In fact, giving your dog a CBD treat can help to calm them down if they get easily anxious. But don’t worry, it’s not because you’re getting your dog high. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety or gets stressed from loud noises or small spaces, a treat with CBD in it or CBD oil can help reduce their fears and calm them down.

Hydrate Often!

When traveling, it can be tough to remember to keep ourselves hydrated, let alone our pets! But dehydration can lead to serious issues, so it’s important to keep on top of this when breaking your usual routine. In fact, our pets can rely quite heavily on their daily routines and you may find your furry friend is eating or drinking less during a trip. Be sure to bring enough water and water-friendly bottles and bowls to keep your pet hydrated! If they’re still not drinking, try giving your dog a healthy, water-rich snack…like watermelon! For cats, wet food is typically made up of 70-80% water anyway; so, if your cat is eating wet food, then he or she should be feline fine!

Of course, each and every pet is unique and you will learn the best ways to travel with your pet as time goes on. Where’s the furthest you’ve ever traveled with your pet? How did it go? Let us know in the comments below!