At Puff & Fluff we want you to feel confident in the decision of who to trust with your pets. Below you’ll find the most common asked questions. If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking, give us a call!


1. How long does a standard grooming take?

Dog Grooming - (Extra Small and Small Dogs): 3-4 Hours

Dog Grooming - (Medium, Large, and Extra Large Dogs): 4-5 Hours

Dog Bath & Brushes  - (Extra Small and Small Dogs): 1-2 Hours

Dog Bath & Brushes - (Medium, Large and Extra Large Dogs): 2-3 Hours

Cat Grooming and Cat Bath & Brushes: 1-3 Hours

All of these times listed above are estimated timeframes.

Please note, specialty cuts take additional time verses the standard grooming process. If you bring in multiple dogs for grooming service, it might take more time.

We believe in taking our time to get everything right. We appreciate your patience. We do our very best to get your pet completed as soon as possible as we know you miss them like crazy while they’re away from you!

- If you would like your (Extra Small, Small) pet out within 1-2 hours, you can request a ASAP service for $10. 
- If you would like your (Medium, Large, Extra Large) pet out within 2-3 hours, you can request a ASAP service for $20. 


2. What is included in a full groom?

Grooming Service Includes: shampoo, massage, blow dry, haircut, nails, glands, paw pads shaving, sanitary trim, ear cleaning, and ears plucking.


3. What is included in a bath and brush?

Brush and Bath Includes: shampoo, massage blow dry, nails, glands, and ear cleaning.


4. How are the prices determined?

Pricing is determined per pet and is based on their size, their behavior, and the condition of their fur coat. If you have concerns about your pet’s matting or behavior, please call ahead so we can make accommodations.

We also offer a la carte options that can be added to any grooming service for an additional price. Please see our Pet Grooming page for specific price ranges.


5. What additional services are available?

Our most popular a la carte option is teeth brushing. We also offer nail polish and blow pens that add temporary color to a haircut! To see the full list of options, see our Pet Grooming page.


6. What is parking like?

Parking is free. We share parking with other businesses, including a busy Starbucks. Depending on the time of your visit, the parking lot can be a little cramped. So drop off your pet and enjoy your favorite cup of coffee while you wait! 

Parking is free. We share a parking lot with a large grocery store. We even have spots available for you! Since this location is on the second floor, you’ll need to take the stairs or elevator to reach us. If you’d like, one of our friendly staff members can meet you at the curb and bring your dog upstairs! 


Parking is free. We share a parking lot with many retailers, but it’s a big parking lot. We have a 10 minute parking sign - for drop off and pick up. Please feel free to use this spot. 


7. What is the difference between grooming blades and guard combs?

Great question! Grooming blades are used for shorter haircuts. Guard combs are used for longer trims. The guard combs result in a softer, fluffier appearance. The grooming blades are good for a smooth finish to a haircut. Both options give your pet a fresh haircut.


8. What if I need have a problem and need to speak with the owners?

Puff & Fluff Grooming and Pet Sitting values your business. We want you to be a customer for life. As such, our policy is to be transparent in everything we do. Once you leave the shop, you will receive a follow-up text message asking about your experience with us. If you’re dissatisfied with the service you received, we want to know about it. You can reply to the text message, call the shop or email us to speak with the owner. We will take the time to listen to you and your concerns. And, above all, we strive to make it right. Contact Liz: 


9. What form of dryers do you use? 

We use Velocity dryers, and not hot cage dryers. We have a technician dry each dog individually. This method we feel is the safest for your pet. Velocity dryers can be loud but we use “happy hoodies” to cover the pets ears, along with cotton in the ears so they do not hear the noise of the dryer. Each pet looks so cute in their happy hoodies. We do have fans that can be used to dry the undercoat of the pets.

10. What is your polcy on Vaccinations? 

 All pets coming in for grooming services should be up to date on their vaccinations. We ask that you bring them in at your visit (via the email reminder we send to you). 


11. What is your cancellation policy

We kindly ask that as a courtesy you please give us at least a 24 hour notice. Our policy is that cleints who do not show up or cancel less the 24 hour notice may be required to pre-pay for future services. 


12. What is your after hour pick-up policy

In the event you keep your pet with us after hours, there could be a “after hour fee” added onto the services for the day. 


 13. Where are the pets when they are waiting for their spa day? 

We have different options for your pet. As each person can make their own decision based on their pet. 1. They can be placed in a kennel. 2. They can hang out with the staff near their stations. 3. You can bring their items and carriers with them, making them feel right at home. Whatever is is best for your pet, we do, as you know your pet the very pet. 

14. Ok, everything sounds great. How do I get started?

Awesome! We’re so glad you’ve chosen us to be at your service.

  • Decide which location is most convenient for you (Arcadia or Uptown).
  • Call or text us to set up your appointment (for both grooming and pet setting services). Arcadia: 602-955-3471 or Uptown: 602-266-5360 
  • If calling/texting isn’t your thing, you can book online us!
  • Show up with your pet.
  • Your pet(s) get pampered.
  • You go shopping, run errands, see a movie or even take a nap!
  • You pick up your squeaky clean and happy pet.

Uptown: 5835 N 16th Street. Suite D and E Phoenix, AZ 85016  |  Arcadia: 4730 E Indian School Road #213, Phoenix AZ 85018  |  Litchfield: 221 N Litchfield Rd. Goodyear, AZ 85338